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Hagia Katerina! Pray for us!

  • Hagia Katerina! (St. Katherine)

    The Holy Great Martyr Katherine was the daughter of Constus, the governor of Alexandrian Egypt during the reign of the emperor Maximian (305-313). Living in the capital, the center of Hellenistic knowledge, and possessed of a rare beauty and intellect, Katherine received an excellent education, studying the works of the greatest philosophers and teachers of antiquity. Young men from the most worthy families of the empire sought the hand of the beautiful Katherine, but she was not interested in any of them. She told her parents that she would enter into marriage only... Keep Reading

  • Welcome to St. Katherine Orthodox Mission

    St. Katherine's Mission has been blessed to serve the North County of San Diego since 2011, but the Orthodox Church has been preaching the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ since the first century!

    We pray that this community may be a blessing to you, and warmly invite you to join us for worship at any service or simply to contact the priest with any questions. Children & families unfamiliar with the Orthodox tradition are very welcome! Attend Services: Click Here

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    Is Orthodoxy Greek? Russian? Is it Okay to Pray to Saints?

    Most people have these questions and more, start getting answers:

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    Hagia Katerina! (St. Katherine)

    Holy St. Katherine the Greatmartyr is our mission's beloved patroness!

    Hagia Katerina Pray for Us!

    History of Our Parish

    In Autumn of 2011, St. Katherine's was founded. With Archbishop BENJAMIN's blessing, we celebrated our first Divine Liturgy on Aug. 28th, 2011.

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    Attend Services At St. Katherine's

    Orthodox or not, you are very welcome to attend services:

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    "The Orthodox Church today carries on the same miraculous Faith and life of the Church of the New Testament;
    it is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. It is the New Testament Church."

    Saint Katherine Orthodox Mission
    2720 Loker Ave. W., Suites C & D, Carlsbad, CA 92010