St. Katherine Orthodox Church
2720 Loker Ave. W. Ste. C/D ~ Carlsbad, CA 92010
Diocese of the West ~ Orthodox Church in America
Shop with Scrip

Your everday purchases can now support St. Katherine Orthodox Mission! With Scrip, you pre-pay for your regular purchases and a percentage (up to 16%!) goes to the parish. It's an easy way to help our parish while doing what you normally do--purchase gas, groceries, and other essentials. Ask Khan for more details.

To use Scrip, you'll need Khan to set up an account. You can then go online and order gift cards (physical or electronic, depending on the merchant) from hundreds of stores, including Target, Amazon, and more. About a week after you pay, you'll receive your cards and a set percentage will go to the church. You can even purchase all-purpose Visa gift cards for purchases that wouldn't normally be covered by scrip.

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