St. Katherine Orthodox Church
2720 Loker Ave. W. Ste. C/D ~ Carlsbad, CA 92010
Diocese of the West ~ Orthodox Church in America



Sts. Mary and Martha Sisterhood

Our sisterhood community strives to nurture two branches—one is service (contributing time and talents to singing, cooking, cleaning and other labors) and another is growth (our maturing in faith). These are not mutually exclusive, instead they are mutually constitutive. One cannot exist without the other, they are two branches of the same tree, feeding from each other.


This image brings to mind the story of Sts. Martha and Mary, sisters of Lazarus, from the Gospels. Martha and Mary exemplify two ways of serving God, one is contemplative listening and another is caring labor, however none of these ways has priority over the other. The main lesson for us to take from this story is to never lose sight of what is important, and to serve without getting “worried and distracted about many things” (Luke 10: 41).


Two types of meetings are held to reflect different activities of each branch.

  • Meetings dealing with practical matters of the church (such as preparing for upcoming holidays) will be held on Sundays, on a need only basis.  
  • Meetings dedicated to our growth in faith will usually take place on the first Tuesday of the month.  Please contact Yulia Klimova, Sisterhood President, regarding schedules or questions.

Several teams sponsor weekly meals after Sunday Divine Liturgy. Information regarding these teams is available through Sign Up Genius