For three years, St. Katherine Mission received mission planting grants from the OCA Department of Missions, ending in mid-2016. Beyond that point our Mission has been entirely dependent upon the financial support of its pledging parishioners and other friends and benefactors. We encourage tithing, and have in place a pledge system together with transparent financial accounting. You can make a donation to St. Katherine Via ZELLE (preferred) by searching St. Katherine of Alexandria Mission or PayPal (Paypal takes a fee) or by sending a check to:
St. Katherine Orthodox Church, 2720 Loker Avenue West, Suite C, Carlsbad, CA 92010.

People who join the St. Katherine community come from a wide variety of backgrounds and religious experiences. Because of that, some may be unfamiliar with pledging and/or tithing in the manner practiced at St. Katherine Mission. The explanations below will hopefully clarify the ways in which you can become a faithful steward of our parish community.

What Is A Pledge?
A pledge is simply a commitment that families make each year to their parish. The commitment is in three parts: an amount of money promised to be given during the year, an amount of time promised to work on parish activities, and the use of specific talents with which you have been blessed to aid the parish. The pledge of these quantities is documented on a Pledge Card each year that is submitted to the church.

Why Should I Pledge?
There are several important reasons to commit to and fulfill a pledge. The first is very straightforward—each year the Parish Council must make a budget for the coming year to be presented and approved at the General Parish Meeting. The pledges received serve as the primary source of income planning. As the ministries and expenses of the parish are enabled by the parish giving, the pledges form the basis of planning for parish activities in the coming year.

The second, and perhaps most important reason to pledge, is concerned with the individual. Giving, like attendance at the divine services, is an important aspect to our worship as Orthodox Christians. Should we miss a Liturgy, our church family will take note and lovingly wonder why we weren’t there. In the same way, the Pledge Card serves to solidify our financial and time commitments and acts as a reminder, should we slow down in fulfilling our promised giving.

The third and last reason to pledge is that it encourages us to address this important facet of worship in a disciplined and thoughtful manner. As in every other aspect of life, when we promise something and fulfill it, we grow as individuals. Likewise, when we make promises to God—and fulfill them—we grow our faith and our confidence before God. We intuitively know the truth of St. James: “Faith without works is dead.” God honors promises that are made and kept.

How Else Can I Help?
People often ask after their visit to St. Katherine how they can help our mission. In the relatively brief time of our existence we have received much support from people who wish to see the growth of the Orthodox Faith in North San Diego County. For this we are tremendously grateful! We ask that you consider being part of these efforts by doing the following:

Worship With Us—Whether you are a parish member or even an occasional visitor, you are part of our parish family, and when you pray with us you help to strengthen and encourage us.

Pray For Us—Remember us in your prayers, asking that the Lord strengthen, help, and direct us according to His divine will.

Spread the Word—Tell your family and friends about Saint Katherine Orthodox Mission and invite them to come and visit us. A personal invitation is the number one way the Church grows. Tell a friend to “Come and see!”

Pledge Your Support—You can help us grow by pledging your financial support. Even if you are not a full-time or even part-time member, your financial assistance can help make a difference. Our parish has many ministries that are steadily growing and they are always in need of more resources.